Pace CCS is a world-leading team of experts with years of experience in all aspects of the CCS project engineering cycle.

We know that this expertise is the key to successful project delivery, and to Pace CCS’s track record in this emerging industry. 

When you work with Pace CCS, you will always be working with a project team and project manager who have seen multiple similar projects before.

Software & Digital Twin

Pace CCS understand that CCS is a new industry which requires new approaches. There is plenty of useful experience from the energy industry, but also plenty of drawbacks with this traditional approach.

We have adopted the best from the energy industry and adapted it for CCS. The value of our approach is borne out by our strong record of successful CCS project delivery.

Our in-house software team, a new engineering discipline synergizing with traditional engineering skills, is able to deliver data analysis and new solutions to support the new challenges faced by the CCS industry.

Our software delivery includes development and deployment of a comprehensive CCS digital twin, which we use to supplement CCS engineering design and support CCS operations (in partnership with ABB). We model the full chain CCS network, including all process, flow assurance, wells, reservoir and control systems – with a best-in-class thermodynamic model, compositional tracking, transient operating modes (including shipping), and full life-of-field.

Concept to Execution

Pace CCS offers engineering design and project support across the full chain of a CCS network, from capture to the disposal well. We work from early concept and commercial advisory, through pre-FEED and FEED delivery, to execution and operations support.